West Coast

In an Oasis of Wild Tranquility

Coastal view

The West Coast of Calabria

The west coast of Calabria overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and features many beaches, rocky cliffs and enchanting towns and villages along its length.

The most popular tourist town is Tropea, however there are many other towns along the coast to visit.

Pizzo is near by and is famous for swordfish, tuna and tartufo, a large delicious ball of chocolate and hazelnut ice cream, filled with melted chocolate fudge sauce and rolled in cocoa powder. The town is also famous for its Chiesa di Piedigrotto, a church carved out of the tufo rock near the beach.

North of Pizzo, past Lamezia, can be found the town of Diamante, a fishing village with beautiful beaches and famous for the annual Peperoncino Festival, held every September to celebrate the hot spicy chile pepper which is features in many Calabrian dishes.

Further north is the town of Scalea, the beaches, togther with the charming old town city centre are another popular summer destination. The area was part of the old Greek colony of Sybaris and many prehistoric artefacts have been recorded by archaeologists working here.

Travelling south of Tropea the beaches are once again plentiful and Capo Vaticano is home to some of the best.

Beyond Capo Vaticano is the town of Palmi where can be found the Museo Calabrese di Entografie e Folklore – a collection of Calabrian folklore in the form of pottery and paintings.

Further south is the enchanting town of Scilla,  referred to as Scylla in Homer’s The Odyssey. here can be found Castello Ruffo a 17th century castle sitting above the broad sandy beaches part of which are still use as the launching place for local fishermen.

After leaving Scilla on the journey south you come to the main ferry port of Villa San Giovanni, with its frequent service to Messina on the island of Sicily. A trip across and a visit to Taormina would be a day well spent.

Finally at the very south is the town of Reggio di Calabria, the second oldest city in Italy and famous as the home of the Riace bronzes and a wonderful promenade.



'I have been going to Italy for years, but only recently discovered Calabria, where my father originally came from. It's a gorgeous part of the country and feels untouched by the modern world.' - Tony Bennett jazz singer